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In general this will be at the discretion of the boat owner, although some European countries do require an ICC certificate (equivalent to RYA Day Skipper) for boats over a certain size. An RYA Day Skipper certificate is usually a safe bet for most boats; or submit a sailing CV if you’ve done a lot of boating but never taken this out. Smaller boats will need less experience, but boat owners will usually like to know that you’ve at least handled a boat before.

If in doubt ask the boat owner, and there’s always the option of booking a skipper for the trip. This has its own benefits and will allow you to kick back with your family and friends; relax into the sail whilst someone else gets you from A to B. Hosts are also available for meal provisioning, and full crews for larger boats. See the optional extras on each individual boat listing for what’s available.

We say that 6-8 weeks a year is as much as is realistic to expect on average. There’s more chance of getting to nearer the top end of this with favourable reviews on the site and positive customer feedback. Just choose the dates you want to use your boat for, then leave it to us to fill it on the other weeks.

Generally we advise that it will not be possible to make any significant profit, but chartering your boat out will likely cover annual running costs of the boat, including mooring fees, insurance and maintenance costs.

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Borrow a Boat In Guadeloupe

Coined “The island of beautiful waters” by the Arawak people who settled on the island in 300AD and shaped like a butterfly, France’s largest island in the Caribbean is actually composed of two – the rolling hills and flat plains of Basse-Terre on the East and volcanic and mountainous Grande-Terre on the West. It was the region’s largest sugar cane producer although this is now being slowly replaced by a wide variety of fruits and vegetables including bananas, aubergines, and pomegranates. Foodies will delight in the French-Creole cuisine, whilst It also has a rich literary heritage with Saint-John Perse winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1960, and more recently was used as the setting for the popular television series “Death in Paradise”.

Don’t miss Les Saintes bay- apparently the most beautiful bay in the world (According to Guadelopans!) and try the spectacular snorkelling or scuba diving on the many reefs which surround the islands. Or hike inland to explore many staggering waterfalls- the choice is yours!

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from £681 / day

Lagoon 380 S2 (4Cab)

Guadeloupe / Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe, Leewards and Windwards, CaribbeanBuilt in 2012
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  • 8
  • 2
from £561 / day

Oceanis 54 (4Cab)

Guadeloupe / Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe, Leewards and Windwards, CaribbeanBuilt in 2009
  • 4
  • 8
  • 3

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