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Sailing on a catamaran in Croatia

Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the Mediterranean. Surrounded by over 1.000 magnificent islands, filled with secluded beaches and magical hidden coves, it is the perfect destination to discover by boat. Charter a catamaran in Croatia to ensure that you get to see everything from up close and not just from a distance. After all, you come to Croatia to admire the stunning natural beauty and the many architectural gems, not just to relax and sunbathe on deck your boat all day long.

The pros of renting a catamaran in Croatia

One of the many advantages of renting a catamaran in Croatia is the simple fact that catamarans have a shallow draft and no keel. This makes them the perfect boats to sail in shallow waters and close to the shore, meaning that you actually get to discover all the beautiful beaches along the Croatian coast. The most stunning beaches in the country include Nugal in Makarska Rivijera, which you can only reach by boat or hiking through a forest and Pasjača which is located between the most natural rock formations and takes a little bit of courage to reach if you decide to get there hiking through the Croatian countryside.

Another great thing about chartering a catamaran in Croatia is the fact that catamarans come with an engine as well as a sail. This makes catamarans one of the most flexible boats on the market. You can sail with the winds when they are strong enough, but can revert to using the motor should the wind suddenly stop blowing. This is perfect, because it means that you don’t need to worry about suddenly getting stuck in the middle of the sea.

Furthermore, catamarans are generally bigger than other types of boats, making them more spacious inside. You will feel much more comfortable sleeping here than in other boats - especially if you have a tendency to feel a bit claustrophobic quite quickly. This also comes down to catamarans standing on two hulls. This allows for more space, but also gives catamarans more stability. When the winds get rougher you won’t feel it as much as you would on other boats. Sure, you might hear the water beating underneath the boat, but it’s nothing compared to the shaking you would have to endure on another boat.

The cons of renting a catamaran in Croatia

One of the downsides of renting a catamaran in Croatia can be their size. While you might feel extremely blessed with all the extra space you have on board, it might also be a curse when it comes to finding a spot for mooring. As catamarans are often bigger than other boats, you might not be able to find a spot for mooring at the marinas - especially during the busy summer months - and if you are lucky enough to find a spot, navigating your yacht there might come with many challenges. Also, keep in mind that you might have to pay extra for a bigger mooring spot.

The most popular catamarans to rent in Croatia

A fantastic catamaran you can charter in Croatia is Catamaran Lagoon 450 F which is available in Trogir, in Split-Dalmatia county. Up to 12 guests can fit on board the boat and you can rent this beautiful yacht with or without a captain - depending on your personal preferences and qualifications.

Another great catamaran you can rent in Croatia is Catamaran Lagoon 400 S2 which is available to rent in Dubrovnik and offers enough space for up to 11 people, making it the perfect boat for an intimate boat holiday with your family or closest friends. You can find a shower on deck to rinse off the salty sea water when climbing back on board after a swim. Very convenient!

Charter a private luxury catamaran in Croatia

A private luxury catamaran rental in Croatia is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have to worry about money and wants to enjoy a luxury boat vacation on a catamaran in Croatia for a week. Get all the amenities on board you could dream of, relax while an experienced crew is taking care of your every need and forget about all your everyday worries.

A fantastic private luxury catamaran you can rent in Croatia is Catamaran Lagoon 620 which is available in Kastela. Besides a fridge, freezer and a microwave allowing you to prepare your own food on board, you will also find snorkelling equipment to have a fun adventure while enjoying your sailing holiday. Brijuni National Park and the Pakleni Islands are two of the best places to go snorkelling in Croatia. Discover the mysterious underwater world from up close.

How many people can go on a catamaran in Croatia?

Catamarans come in many different sizes, but most catamarans you can rent in Croatia offer space for 10-12 people, making them perfect for very intimate boat vacations with your family or your closest friends. Of course there are always exceptions with catamarans offering more or less space for people, but this is the most common size.

When is the best time to sail on a catamaran in Croatia?

Like many countries in the Mediterranean, Croatia is blessed with many sunny days throughout the year. The summers are hot and dry while the winters are generally mild and rainy. Sailing season lasts from April until well into October with July and August being the busiest months. If you want to ditch the tourist crowds, you should charter a catamaran in Croatia in September or October. The water is still warm, the sun is shining and you get to explore Croatia almost by yourself.

In general you can expect the wind to blow between 10-20 knots, making Croatia ideal for sailing - especially for novice sailors.

How much does it cost to rent a catamaran in Croatia?

Of course you can rent a super luxurious catamaran in Croatia, paying thousands of Euros for a week, but it is not necessary. You can also find catamarans that are more affordable. On average it will cost you 460 EUR per person per day to rent a catamaran in Croatia. However, this is only an average price. Prices can vary depending on the season, the size and age of the catamaran as well as the amount of people travelling and the amenities included on board.

What kind of boat licence do I need when renting a catamaran in Croatia?

When chartering any kind of boat in Croatia you need to carry a valid boat licence as well as a VHF radio licence. Fortunately, most boat licences are valid in Croatia. So you can either bring your boat licence of your country of residence/origin or obtain a boat licence while in Croatia. If you want to get your boat icence in Croatia, you need to do it via the Administration of Maritime and Port Authority authorities. If you pass the test with them, you get your boat licence and are free to rent a boat in Croatia.

If you are neither in possession of a valid boat licence nor want to obtain one, you can always hire a skipper in addition to your catamaran bareboat charter in Croatia.

The best routes for catamarans in Croatia

One of the most scenic routes you can take on a catamaran charter in Croatia is around Split and the Kornati islands. Visit the magnificent national park and discover historical towns along the way.

Day 1 - Sail from Split to Primosten: Before heading out to Primosten, you should take your time to discover the magical historical centre of Split. Visit Diocletian's Palace, Saint Domnius Cathedral and Fortress Klis to learn more about the city’s history or to simply admire the impressive architecture of the past. If you have some extra time on your hands or want to arrive a day earlier in Split than the start of your catamaran charter, you should explore Krka National Park - especially the mighty waterfalls. In Primosten you head to Art Shop Unique for some lovely handmade goods that you can take home with you. Then make sure to sunbathe at Spiaggia Velika Raduča.

Day 2 - Sail from Primosten to Skradin: Before leaving Primosten, you should pay a visit to St. George Beach for a quick swim. If you haven’t made it to the Krka national park before, you should definitely head there in Skradin - it’s right in the heart of it. This picturesque town is a wonderful place to relax and stroll along the historic streets.

Day 3 - Sail from Skradin to Murter: Murter island looks like paradise. Swim in the turquoise waters, enjoy the stunning views of the natural beauty of the island and make sure to stop by Beach Slanica.

Day 4 - Sail from Murter to Piskera: Piskera is a magical uninhabited island in Croatia. This stunning spot is going to be a highlight for anyone renting a catamaran in Croatia. Discover the interesting landscape and enjoy a magical sunset.

Day 5 - Sail from Piskera to Kaprije: The magical island of Kaprije is a fantastic place for anyone looking to spend some more time and nature while being surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters.

Day 6 - Sail from Kaprije to Solta: Solta island is a fabulous place to take a deep breath, enjoy the views and forget about all the troubles of your everyday life. The beautiful bays make for a fantastic trip with a catamaran as you can sail close to the shore and discover everything from up close.

Day 7 - Sail from Solta to Split: Your boat holiday in Croatia on a catamaran is almost coming to an end, but make sure to stop by plaža Kava Slatine for a quick dip and to enjoy the unique beach with its interesting rock formations and wonderful landscape.