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The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, part of Italy. Sicily is known for its beautiful beaches, historic sites, and delicious local cuisine. A destination that offers something for everyone!

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Sailing in Sicily

Sicily is not just one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy, it is also the largest island in the Mediterranean. The Italian island is probably best known for its stunning beaches, the active volcanoes and archaeological sites that stem from a rich, but turbulent history including the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs as well as other empires and cultures. Charter a boat in Sicily to discover the natural beauty of the island, to admire the many ancient Greek and Roman sites and to eat delicious traditional Sicilian dishes. If you think the gelato in mainland Italy is great, you need to taste it in Sicily: It’s pure heaven!

Things to do and see when sailing in Sicily

Noone is going to argue about the beauty of sunbathing on a quiet beach in Sicily and cruising around the island chasing the most magnificent natural wonders, but Sicily has much more to offer than that.

Activities in Sicily

  • Visit the Valley of the Temples: This ancient Greek site is an impressive example of the thriving Greek culture that once ruled Sicily
  • Riserva naturale dello zingaro, mainly in San Vito Lo Capo, is a stunning example of the natural beauty that Sicily has to offer. Hike on some of the most beautiful trails you’ve ever been on, enjoy the amazing views from above and go for a swim in the Mediterranean
  • Villa Romana del Casale is an ancient Roman villa with beautiful mosaics that have been preserved until this day
  • Visit the beautiful capital of Sicily: Palermo. The city is buzzing with life, restaurants, cafes, music. The old historic centre will make you feel like you’re travelling back in time
  • Take a tour to see Mount Etna, an active volcano. This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience you won’t forget
  • Take a trip to magical Ortigia Island - the beautiful architecture will leave you stunned
  • Snorkelling in Sicily will be one of your highlights on your trip. The island of Favignana is the perfect place to go snorkelling as the water is so crystal clear that you can see everything
  • A boat rental in Sicily allows you to discover the island from a different perspective. Sail along the stunning coastline and stop at some of the most beautiful beaches you could imagine

Beaches in Sicily

  • San Vito Lo Capo is one of the most stunning, but also one of the most popular beaches in Sicily. Surrounded by impressive rock formations and filled with white sand this doesn’t come as a surprise
  • Isola Bella in Taormina is certainly one of the most interesting beaches you can visit in Sicily. The white sandy beach is leading to a little island which has a little house standing on top of the hill and is well-protected
  • Swimming at Cefalù beach is a wonderful experience. Swim in the blue water while enjoying the views of the historic architecture in the background

Restaurants in Sicily

Casual dining in Sicily:

  • Deliziosa: This fabulous restaurant in Catania is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious dinner after a long day out on a boat rental in Sicily. Try the highly praised swordfish when coming here
  • The Old Club Rosanero in Palermo is a great restaurant in the historic centre of the city and perfect for a cozy dinner

Restaurants with a view in Sicily:

  • Asmundo Bistro is the perfect spot to dine with a view of the Duomo in Palermo
  • Ristorante Pizzeria Al Saraceno: Dine with a fabulous view out to the sea in this great restaurant in Taormina

Fine dining in Sicily:

  • Gagini Restaurant is a Michelin star restaurant in Palermo where you can enjoy an exquisite dining experience after a long day out sailing around Sicily. Old meets new is what you see when entering the restaurant, definitely an interior to remember
  • Il Bavaglino: Located in the stunning town of Terrasini, this delightful restaurant offers elegantly presented seafood dishes and local delicacies

Bars and Clubs in Sicily

  • Daiquiri Lounge: A fabulous bar in Taormina, where you can sit inside or outside while indulging in a refreshing drink and some delicious snacks
  • Le Terrazze del Sole: Enjoy an aperitif over beautiful Palermo. As you are right in the heart of the city you can see the many stunning buildings from above at this rooftop bar

Explore historical Sicily

Throughout its turbulent, rich and interesting history many empires and different cultures conquered the island and all left a mark on it. This includes the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs, the Normans and more. There are several ancient Roman and Greek ruins that you can still visit today. The Valley of the Temples or Valle dei Templi in Italian is a stunning archaeological site with some of the best preserved ancient Greek temples. It is not so common that Greek temples or sites of worship are that well-preserved outside of Greece. Villa Romana del Casale, Piazza Armerina in the Province of Enna is an interesting Roman ruin where you can see the incredibly well preserved mosaics on the walls of the villa.

Explore mystical Sicily

One of the many myths and legends surrounding the island of Sicily is that the seasons were born here. Tragically, Persephone, daughter of Demeter, the goddess of wheat and corn, was kidnapped by Hades into the underworld. When she started searching for her in the underworld it was the start of fall and lasted well into the winter. She only returned in the season that we now know as spring - when everything is blossoming and it’s kind of like a new beginning.

Odysseus also landed in Sicily on his way home from Troy. An evil cyclops was kidnapping him, but Odysseus blinded him.

There are many more myths surrounding the magnificent island of Sicily, but these are the most famous ones.

Sailing conditions in Sicily

Sicily enjoys a long sailing season with warm temperatures and good winds lasting from April through October. As this is a popular cruising ground in the summer, it’s a good idea to book your sailing holiday ahead to be sure of availability for the sites you’d like to visit as you island hop. The seas around these parts are generally very pleasant to sail in, and if you haven’t got a license, you can always book a skippered sailing holiday in Sicily with Borrow A Boat to help you navigate your yacht during your sailing trip.

Tonnarella makes a great stopping point from Palermo before discovering the islands. Here wind speeds are generally north-westerly with an average force of 3 to 4. Entrance depths in the sea at Tonnarella are at about 2.5 metres. Waves above about half a metre are rare, and air surface temperatures in the 30s are common with water surface temperatures of about 25°C. Around the islands there are occasional gales during the early summer, but these are relatively rare, especially during high summer. Sicily enjoys a long sailing season with warm temperatures and good winds lasting from April through October.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Sicily?

Renting a boat in Sicily certainly doesn’t have to break your bank. In fact, it is one of the most affordable destinations in the Mediterranean. However, keep in mind that July and August are the busiest months on the island and are therefore also the most expensive months for a boat holiday in Sicily.

Rent a gulet in Italy for an average price of 50 EUR per person per day. Rent a sailboat in Italy for an average price of 58 EUR per person per day. Renting a RIB in Italy is a little cheaper and will cost you an average of 40 EUR per person per day. If you want to rent something a little more fun and speedy, you should look at chartering a speedboat in Sicily. On average it will cost you 70 EUR per person per day to rent a speedboat in Italy. Speedboats are the perfect types of boats if you want to have fun and only want to go on a day boat charter in Sicily. Speedboats are not made for boat vacations that last longer than a few days. On the contrary, catamarans and motorboats are perfect for a week or two-week-long vacation in Sicily. Keep in mind that it will be more expensive to rent a motorboat or catamaran in Sicily. On average, it will cost you 150 EUR per person per day to rent a motorboat in Italy and 140 EUR to charter a catamaran in Italy per person per day.

Keep in mind that these are only average prices and you can always find cheaper or more expensive options. Borrow A Boat offers great boat deals in Sicily all year round!

What type of boat is best for sailing in Sicily?

Imagine the type of boat holiday you would like to experience in Sicily. Do you dream of the sun on your skin, slurping a refreshing cocktail at one of the many beaches and swimming in the warm turquoise waters? Or do you feel the wind on your skin, breathing in the salty water while exploring the waters around the Sicilian coast? Whatever kind of boat holiday you envision, you should choose your boat wisely to accommodate your needs and wishes for that trip.

Rent a catamaran in Sicily

Pros of renting a catamaran in Sicily

Nothing is better than a catamaran to explore the island of Sicily if you want to visit the most beautiful beaches, discover the hidden grottos or simply stop in one of the stunning bays to hide from the wind. Charter a catamaran in Sicily so that you can see everything from up close and sail closer to the shore for easy access. Catamarans have a shallow draft so they are perfect for exploring the Sicilian coast.

Another fantastic advantage of a catamaran rental in Sicily is the simple fact that they are equipped with a sail as well as an engine. This makes catamarans much more flexible than other types of boats. You can sail with the wind when it’s blowing, but use the engine when the winds are not so strong or stop blowing completely. This means that you don’t have to get stuck in the middle of the sea until the wind picks up again.

Chartering a catamaran in Sicily is also perfect for anyone who looks forward to having more space on board a boat. Generally, catamarans are more spacious and offer more stability due to standing on two hulls.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Sicily

However, if you want to rent a catamaran in Sicily you should also be aware of the fact that the size of a catamaran can be a challenge when trying to find a mooring spot at one of the marinas. The busy summer months July and August could make it particularly difficult as they are the most popular months for tourism on the island. Once you are lucky enough to secure a mooring spot you will be faced with the challenge of trying to navigate your boat to your allocated spot. Not an easy undertaking with a sizable boat.

Charter a catamaran in Sicily

Rent a sailboat in Sicily

Pros of renting a sailboat in Sicily

One of the great things about a sailboat charter in Sicily is that you can sail with the wind. You don’t need to refuel your tank everytime you leave a marina or worry about all the additional costs that come with refueling your boat. Simply sail with the end and you’re good.

Sailboats are not for everyone, but anyone who loves going on an adventure is going to fall in love with sailing on a sailboat in Sicily.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Sicily

However, a sailboat rental in Sicily can also come with a few downsides. One of them is that the wind is basically their only source of fuel. If it suddenly stops blowing, you will be stuck in the middle of the sea and have no other choice but to wait until the wind picks up again.

Another downside can be the fact that sailboats have a keel. This doesn’t make them the ideal type of boat to sail close to the Sicilian coast and to discover the many secluded beaches, bays and grottos the island has to offer.

Sailboat rental in Sicily

Rent a motorboat in Sicily

Pros of renting a motorboat in Sicily

One of the best things about a motorboat rental in Sicily is the speed of a motorboat. They are generally faster than other types of boats and make for a fun adventure if you want to discover as many sites and beaches as possible in a short amount of time.

Another wonderful thing about chartering a motorboat in Sicily is the fact that they have a shallow draft rather than a keel. This makes them perfect for exploring the Sicilian coast. You can reach places that you might not reach with another type of boat.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Sicily

If you want to charter a motorboat in Sicily, you should also keep in mind that motorboats solely run on fuel. With the ever-increasing fuel prices this is not a cheap undertaking. Keep in mind that you will have to pay the bill for fuel in addition to your bareboat charter. If you’re a bit reckless, you might be surprised by a massive bill at the end of your boat trip in Sicily.

Motorboat rental in Sicily

Charter a luxury yacht in Sicily

Chartering a private luxury yacht in Sicily is great if you have necessary funds available, because you get to explore the beautiful island while sailing on a yacht that offers all the amenities you could dream of and comes with a crew that is taking care of your every need while a captain is navigating you safely through the Mediterranean.

Charter a luxury yacht in Sicily

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Sicily?

Anyone who wants to rent a boat in Sicily (Italy) needs to be in possession of a valid boat license. However, if you want to rent a speedboat in Sicily , you don’t need to have a valid boat license. You can just rent it. Boat licenses of EU-residents are automatically valid, while some boat licenses of non-EU-residents are not. It is therefore always advisable to carry the International Certificate of Competency or short ICC.

No boat license, no worries. You can always hire a skipper in addition to your bareboat charter in Sicily. This is even an option for anyone who has a boat license, but doesn’t want to deal with navigating and operating a boat on a sailing vacation in Sicily.

Sailing routes in Sicily

The Tyrrhenian Sea is a well-charted and an exceptionally pleasant area for a sailing holiday. It is recommended to spend your sailing holiday in Sicily in the northern and north-eastern coast, which leads up from Palermo to Tonnarella and the Aeolian Islands. The main islands of interest are Lipari, Vulcano and Panarea. Lipari is a stunning island where you can explore the natural beauty of this part of the Mediterranean as well as a picturesque seaside town that looks like it’s built into the mountain. Salina, with its verdant hills, is also nearby. Filicudi and Alicudi which have quiet shores perfect for walks in nature or relaxing by the sea in peace away from the masses. You can see the volcanic shape of Alicudi and Filicudi when sailing towards them. Panarea is a stunning Volcanic island with interesting cliffs framing many of the beautiful beaches.

You can also sail west from Palermo towards Trapani where you can discover the tranquil Aegadian Islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo. Here you can find an anchorage and several buoy fields. Charter a catamaran or motorboat in Sicily to get the best access when visiting the islands. Favignana is surrounded by the most beautiful turquoise water and you will question whether you are in Sicily or in the Caribbean. Here you have to visit the Grotta degli Innamorati. The island of Levanzo is equally beautiful and the white houses with the blue windows will remind you of the Greek islands. In Marettimo you have to visit the Grotta della Pipa and relax at Praia de Nacchi. Once you arrive in Trapani you should stroll around the historic streets and take a walk along the seafront for some beautiful views.

Along the northern coast from Palermo towards Porto Rosa in Tonnarella, you can rest at the marinas of San Nicola l’Arena and Cefalù which offer hundreds of berthing spots on pontoons that allow for stopping and visiting these gorgeous towns if desired – always having the freedom to lift anchor and sail on whenever you feel like it. Cefalù also offers one of the most stunning spots for a swim where you can admire the historic architecture from the water. However, you should also head into the city to admire the historical buildings from up close. Discover the Lavatoio Medievale Fiume Cefalino, a laundry house from the 16th century, visit the Cefalù Cathedral and learn more about the history of the area in the Museo Mandralisca. Once you arrive in Tonnarella, you have to head out to the Reserve of the Lakes of Marinello, a magical stretch of beaches surrounded by nature and interesting rock formations. There are many hiking trails you should explore if you are the adventurous type or simply want to take a break from relaxing on board your boat. The views from above won’t disappoint you. Not far from Tonnarella is an ancient Greek site called Tindari Greek Theater where you can explore the remains of a Greek theater.