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Experience Croatia's vibrant port city of Split, where Roman history and modern life converge. Guided by a skilled captain, explore Diocletian's Palace, sun-kissed beaches, and the gateway to the beautiful Dalmatian Islands.

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Sailing Guide Split

The city of Split lies on the coast of central Croatia in the region of Dalmatia. Considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean, Split’s alluring architecture, vibrant culture and great beaches make it one of the top destinations to charter a yacht. Sailing lovers from all around the world flock into the city to get a taste of the Split sailing experience. With its spectacular Old Town, tranquil beaches, nearby islands and strong nautical traditions, you’ll soon find out why a sailing holiday in Split is an experience like no other.

Things to do and see when sailing in Split

Sailing in Split is a lot of fun - tourists flocking here from all over the world is proof of that. Sailing in crystal clear waters, stopping by incredibly beautiful bays and discovering this part of Croatia by boat is definitely a fun thing to do. However, there is more to discover in Split!

Activities in Split

  • Snorkeling in Split has to be on the bucket list of your sailing vacation. Charter a boat and discover some of the most beautiful spots for underwater life in Croatia. One of the most famous spots near Split is Korčula.
  • Rent a pair of jet skis in Split if you want to have a bit of fun after relaxing on deck of your boat rental all day long.
  • Rent a boat in Split to sail around the hidden bays, the many stunning beaches and lagoons. If you are more interested in the sailing experience than the destination, renting a sailboat might be the best option for you.
  • Hike Marjan’s loop if you want to discover Split from a different perspective. It’s a two-hour hike that takes you through some of the most alluring nature surrounding Split before reaching the highest point of this part of Croatia. If you want a bit more of a challenge, we would recommend you to hike Vidova Gora on the island of Brač, not far from Split. Sailing to the island from Split, it is the perfect route to discover this part of the Adriatic sea and include a bit of a different experience to your sailing holiday.
  • Visit Krka National Park to spot waterfalls and castles. Located north of Split, it is the perfect destination for a daytrip.
  • ‘The Eye of the Earth’ is a stunning natural water source that is used as drinking water for the Dalmatian hinterland - so although it is indeed tempting to jump in for a dip, it is not recommended. Besides that the temperatures reach only 7 degrees.
  • No trip to Split is complete without visiting the historical town of Split. Palazzo di Diocleziano and the Cathedral of St Domnius are just two of the sites you should visit while roaming around the city.

Beaches in Split

Sailing in Split means having plenty of opportunities to discover the stunning beaches. Whether you want to join the locals for a quick dip, explore more remote beaches away from the crowds or stunning rock formations, Split has it all! There are many superb beaches that have been awarded the Blue Flag distinction for upholding strict environmental standards, including family-friendly Bačvice beach.

  • Bačvice Beach might not be the prettiest beach there is, but it is where the locals go. It is safe, relatively quiet and located super close to the city centre.
  • Sail to Beach Stobrec Jug for a bit of a different experience. Enjoy a quiet swim on this pebble beach away from the masses.
  • Firule Beach is definitely one of Split’s most beautiful beaches. While the beach is surrounded by trees and nature, there are some facilities offering refreshing beverages and public restrooms. This makes it the perfect spot to stop by with your kids.

Parties and Boat Parties in Split

Famous for its parties, Split also offers a lot of different locations for boat parties - if you don’t want to throw one on your own boat rental. Many companies offer party cruises from Split you wouldn’t want to miss if you want to have a wet sailing adventure full of booze.

Restaurants in Split

One of the most beautiful things about Split is that you can find the most delicious seafood here. Fresh from the sea and directly to your plate, you will enjoy many local dishes in some super casual as well as high class restaurants.

Casual dining in Split:

  • Kantun Paulina: If you’re travelling on a bit of a budget, but want to enjoy fantastic food, you need to pay a visit to Kantun Paulina. This place is particularly famous for its Cevapi. Savour the bread that has been described as a dream by many customers.
  • Makedonska Kuca: Big portions, cheap prices. This is exactly what you’re getting at Makedonska Kuca. Try some of the most delicious Macedonian food you ever tasted. Nothing better than fueling your energy after a long day of sailing around the Croatian coast in Split.


Fine dining in Split:

  • Konoba Nikola is one of the fine dining restaurants in Split you shouldn’t miss. It is a fresh fish restaurant offering the most delicious local dishes. The tuna and the scampi carpaccio are all-time favourites.
  • ZOI: A Michelin star restaurant, located in the centre of Split, that will leave you wishing for more. ZOI means ‘life’ in Greek and the food here is exactly going to make you feel like you’re living your best life. Overlook the harbour while sipping on a local wine and eating the freshest seafood around.

Bars and Clubs in Split

As many other popular sailing destinations like Ibiza and Mykonos, Split is also known for its fun and sometimes a little extravagant nightlife. Get all dressed up and sip a delicious, colourful cocktail in one of Split’s many elegant bars? Hang out with your friends for a casual beer? Shake your booty in one of the world’s most renown clubs? Split has it all!

  • NOOR Fine Spirits & Cocktails: Describing themselves as ‘probably the biggest small bar in the world’, this establishment introduces you to exquisitely presented cocktails in the most elegant location.
  • ShotGun Shooters Bar: Most famous for offering a large variety of shots, you might find yourself holding onto the door late at night. You will definitely celebrate a night worth remembering - or not!
  • Judino Drvo Club: Local DJs bring you the best electronic music to dance the night away in one of Split’s most popular clubs.

Explore historical Split

Everyone needs a break from sailing around the stunning coast and sunbathing all day. Why not head into the historical centre of Split to discover some of the most incredible historical sites you can spot. Visit the Cathedral of Saint Domnius to discover more of Croatia’s Catholic history and Roman past. It is said to be the oldest cathedral in the world that is still in use today for services etc. Climb up the dome for a panoramic view of the city. Diocletian's Palace is worth a visit if you want to experience Roman history outside of Italy. Built at the turn of the fourth century, its structure and magnificence can still be seen today.

Discover mystical Split

Split may not be known for its mythological history, but you can find a Sphinx, a classical symbol of Egyptian mythology, in front of the Cathedral of Saint Domnius. Dating back as far as Pharaoh Thutmose III, it is considered one of the oldest objects to be found in Split. There is an urban legend about Cornelius Vanderbilt of the famous American Vanderbilt family going around in regards to the Sphinx. Apparently he tried to purchase it, but was declined.

Sailing conditions in Split

Sailing lovers from all over the world flock to this picturesque town in Croatia to go on a sailing holiday. It’s not just to see the beauty of Split, it is also due to the ideal sailing conditions in this part of Croatia.

On average you will get 315 sunny days per year in Split. During peak season between May and November, you will get sunny weather, mild temperatures and ideal winds for sailing. In the summer months June, July and August temperatures generally range from 26 to 30 degrees, making it ideal for a summer vacation.

However, if you are looking at sailing in Split in lower season, you need to be aware that the weather can change drastically from one moment to the next. We would therefore only recommend more experienced sailors to venture out into the Croatian Mediterranean in the months between December and April.

Three winds dominate this part of Croatia. The Bura, a north-easterly dry, but cold wind that moves from land to sea; the Sirocco, a warm, but humid wind that is generally responsible for a rougher sea; and the Maestral, which is part of the natural phenomenon when the land heats faster than the sea and is then transporting that warmer air out into the sea.

Tides are normally quite low (rarely higher than 0,5 meters) which is important to consider if anchoring in shallow waters.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Split?

The cost of renting a boat in Split can vary highly depending on the type of boat you are looking at renting, whether it is high or shoulder season, how many rooms the boat has, how old the boat is, what kind of budget you are handling and so on. On average you can rent a speedboat in Croatia for as little as 28 EUR per person per day and a speedboat for about 35 EUR per person per day. Other types of boats are more expensive. At an average price of 460 EUR per person per day, the catamaran is, on average, possibly the most expensive type of boat to rent here. On average a gulet would cost you around 75 EUR per person per day, a houseboat is 80 EUR per person per day and a motorboat 61 EUR per person per day. If you’re looking at renting a sailboat, the most popular type of boat in Split, it costs about 225 EUR per person per day.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Split?

There is not THE best boat to rent, only the best boat for your sailing vacation in Split. Depending on whether you want to go on a proper sailing adventure where the experience matters more than the destination or if you just want to rent a boat to find the best beaches, you are looking at different types of boats.

Rent a catamaran in Split

Pros of renting a catamaran in Split

Catamarans are the perfect vehicle to sail in shallow waters. Instead of a keel, they have a shallow draft, which means that you can anchor closer to the shore to swim to some of the most beautiful beaches or to sunbathe in waters that are not as exposed to the wind as open waters. This makes it also the perfect boat to jump right into the water whenever you feel like it.

As catamarans are often more of a luxury option when sailing on water, some might compare them to little hotels on water. If you are up for a sailing adventure, but prefer some of the amenities a typical hotel holiday has to offer, a catamaran charter might be the best option for you.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Split

Standing on two hulls makes catamarans a lot more stable than other types of boats, but also bigger. This might impose a few difficulties on you if you are looking at mooring your boat in a marina. Spaces are usually scarce. Mooring big catamarans often costs more than mooring other types of water vessels.

Rent a catamaran in Split

Rent a sailboat in Split

Chartering a sailboat is one of the most popular options for a sailing holiday in Split. There are plenty of good reasons why this is the case!

Pros of renting a sailboat in Split

Ideal wind conditions lend themselves to the fact that renting a sailboat is one of the most popular options for many tourists visiting this part of Croatia. You get the actual sailing experience rather than just hopping from island to island to enjoy the most beautiful beaches, caves and lagoons. Another pro is the fact that you move with the wind, meaning that you save on the costs for fuel and sail more environmentally friendly. In this day and age it is truly worth considering.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Split

You are 100% dependent on the weather when sailing on a sailing boat in Split. Although many modern sailing boats come with an engine, many older models are not equipped with one. If the wind seizes to blow as much as you would hope, you might find yourself stuck in the middle of the Adriatic. This can be disappointing - especially if you only have a week of vacation to sail around this part of Croatia.

Charter a sailboat in Split

Rent a motorboat in Split

Pros of renting a motorboat in Split

One of the biggest advantages of renting a motorboat is their shallow frame which allows you to anchor closer to the shore than with a sailing boat for example. This comes in especially handy if you look at stopping by some of the stunning beaches and hidden bays that you can discover from Split. Additionally, they are much faster vehicles than some of the other types of boats you can rent in Split, making it the perfect water vessel if you’re aiming at seeing as much as possible within a short period of time.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Split

The speed of motorboats comes at a price. At first glance they might not be the most expensive option, but the faster you sail around Split, the more you will have to pay for fuel. Not necessarily budget-friendly.

Rent a motorboat in Split

Rent a gulet in Split

Chartering a gulet might not be the first choice for everyone, but there are many positive aspects when it comes to renting a gulet in Split.

Pros of renting a gulet in Split

Renting a gulet is not for the fainthearted. Charter a gulet in Split if you are looking for an once in a lifetime adventure! Wake up in a different location every morning and experience what life is like on a boat. Although there are many different kinds of gulets, including luxury options, you cannot compare it with a stay in a hotel room. This makes it a huge plus for all adventurers out there.

Due to its space, gulets are often rented for groups of 10-15 people or more. If you are looking at an adventurous sailing vacation in Split with all your friends, this might be the perfect option. Don’t worry if you are not in possession of a valid international boat licence. You can always rent a gulet with an experienced skipper.

Cons of renting a gulet in Split

Only rent a gulet in Split if you are up for the challenge. Rooms in gulets are generally small. If you are feeling irritable in small spaces, this type of vessel is probably not for you. Other than that, gulets are perfect boats for a week of sailing.

Rent a gulet in Split

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Split?

Renting a boat in Split and all of Croatia means that you need to possess a valid boat licence - including a VHF radio licence. This is not just a recommendation, it is Croatian law.

Don’t have a boat licence? Don’t worry! Book a boat in Split with an experienced skipper who will take care of maneuvering the boat, showing you the best spots away from the tourist crowds and most of them even have the most interesting stories to tell.

Sailing routes in Split

Start your sailing adventure in Split by picking up your boat from one of the many marinas. Start with some island hopping around Split on the island of Brac – anchoring in Bol, Milna or Bobovisca Bay. Then go to Zlatni Rat Beach, one of Europe’s most breathtaking beaches. If you love nature, you will be pleased to know that there are several opportunities for hiking and sightseeing. Next head to the vibrant island of Hvar, where you can enjoy great bars, lovely beaches and vineyards. Anchor in the stunning marina on the island of Palmizana. This nature park is just a five-minute sail or water taxi away. Continue south to reach the island of Korcula, which is well known for its charming Venetian Old Town and rich cultural traditions. From Korcula, make your way back to Split’s marina or continue on to the green island of Mljet, past the Elaphiti Islands and make your way to Dubrovnik, another stunning town located in the Adriatic sea.

From the islands of Solta and Brac to the World Heritage City of Trogir, there are many great destinations to visit that are just a stone’s throw (or about 15-30 nautical miles) away, making for some great day trips from Split.

One of the most popular day trips is sailing from Split to the island of Hvar, where you can anchor in some of the most stunning bays in all of the Dalmatian coast. Dubovica Beach and Jagodna Beach are just two of the incredible beaches you can visit on your trip there.

Sailing Locations in Split

Rent a boat in Trogir

Rent a boat in Kastela

Rent a boat in Primosten

Rent a boat in Rogoznica

Rent a boat in Splitska