How It Works


1. Booking a Boat

Start with either the destination, boat type or date in question, it doesn’t matter which. Enter any one of these all all 3, and hit “go”. Use the filters above the search results to narrow the results down until you find your perfect boat. Some boats can be booked online there and then, and online payments taken. Other boats may require a message back to the owner first, then they too can be booked through the site.


1. Search

Search over 4,000 boats across the world and find your dream holiday vessel.


2. Select

Filter the results by everything from manufacturer, to boat age, equipment spec and location to find your dream boat


3. Get on Board

Click and book online, or make a request to book, and ask questions of the boat owner, who will usually respond the same day. by email.

2. Listing a Boat

If you’re interested in listing your boat, create an account, and follow the steps through to submit all of the necessary information about your vessel, upload photos, and documentation, even a video of your boat. You set the rules, you can choose for example to have, no pets, no parties, or anything to make you feel comfortable or even restrict charter to defined groups such as members of your yacht club. You’re in control of the charter price, and set this where you want to either towards the top or lower end of the market. You also block out dates when you don’t want the boat made available, should you want to sail the boat yourself on particular dates – after all it’s still your boat first and foremost!

1. Self Managed Charters

Facilitate all booking handovers themselves, including boat hand over, hand back, and cleaning (Boat owner receives 80% of charter fee).

2. Local Charter facilitation support

Request support of local charter company/boat manager to facilitate charters - handing boat over and cleaning (Boat owner receives 60% of charter fee).

3. Local Charter support with Yacht management

We have a network of partners across various regions that can help facilitate your charters, whether you want someone to meet the charterers and hand over the keys and give the boat tour, plus take it back again and check it over. Or help with the cleaning of the boat between charters. This can all be arranged by us, subject to your location, and is paid for out of the charter fees. We can even in some limited locations offer full yacht management which will include help with coding surveys, renewal, and yacht management including maintenance management and replacement of any failing parts. Ask for more details and availability in your area.