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Where you can enjoy sailing all year round
17th December, 2018

Best locations for a sailing adventure, whatever the season

Hardier sailors could be forgiven for viewing their fair weather cousins as somewhat less hardcore than themselves. (Much in the same way that all weather bike-to-work commuters, road runners and golfers do the seasonal hobbyists.) Even in the depths of Winter,

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NYE party idea
10th December, 2018

New years eve party idea for adults

It’s an evening to look forward to in many ways. But depending on how you spend your Christmas, the end of the festive period can be a time of depleted bank balances, social energy and fitness. Our overindulging over Christmas is fun at the time but the repercussions can

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pros and cons of catamaran s
04th December, 2018

Multihull versus monohull

Catamarans are less popular amongst some boating purists who see catamaran sailing as less ‘hard core’ than traditional monohulls and therefore may be stubborn about converting. However, in recent years more and more owners have been choosing catamarans for blue water

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Boating businesses are changing
22nd November, 2018

The future of the boating industry

Boat ownership peaked in the 80s and this is still the generation that owns most boats today (the baby-boomers or people in their 50s and 70s). Now, new research shows that boat ownership is in decline. For example, British Marine’s research revealed that there were 18

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Shifting marketplace in the boating industry
07th November, 2018

Adjusting the sails in a shifting marketplace

Humans have been travelling and exploring via the high seas, rivers and canals for a very long time and we’re not surprised. Over 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. That’s a lot of the world you bypass by not exploring by water. Not only do these

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Post storms: is the Caribbean recovering
29th October, 2018

How is the Caribbean recovering?

When Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit in 2017, they ran through a lot of the Caribbean's island chains. Winds reached 215mph – and that’s slower than those inside the tornadoes spinning on the edge of the storm’s eye. But since May, a lot of progress has been made

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