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Making the most of your skipper
21st June, 2018

How to get the most out of a skippered charter

You don’t have to be an experienced sailor to head onto the water. In fact, you don’t need any sailing knowledge at all. Regardless of whether or not you know how to sail, sometimes you’re just looking to take a more relaxed holiday when you Borrow a Boat. In that

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Memorable Film Boats
14th June, 2018

The five most memorable boats from cinema

Be it a seasoned sailor or a nautical novice, everybody’s love of boating started with a great story. That story could be a tall tale told to you by a grandparent or the first time your dad let you take the helm of his boat. For converts to the world of sailing who

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What's a halyard
07th June, 2018

“What’s a halyard?”: Boating terms for the complete novice

Boat terminology can be confusing if you’ve never sailed before. When your skipper asks you to grab a lifejacket from the locker at the aft of the starboard side, you might be left scratching your head. Boating jargon is thrown around a lot by experienced sailors and it

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Caribbean Country Guide
31st May, 2018

Region guide: The Caribbean

Pros Cons ●    Hundreds of islands to explore ●     Impossible to visit everywhere in one trip ●     There are a range of cultures to embrace ●     The hurricane season makes certain months dangerous ●     UK, US and EU

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boat food ideas
24th May, 2018

Ship’s cook: food to bring on your next boating trip

When people think of the high seas they normally don’t think of high cuisine. Instead, images of crusty sailors come to mind; sitting beneath deck, flecks of cold beans caught in their weathered beards. However, it’s not all stale bread and sloshing barrels of grog.

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17th May, 2018

Country guide: UK

Pros Cons ●    Great range of things to see and conditions to explore ●     Doesn't offer much exploration appeal for UK residents ●     Ideal for novice sailors ●     The weather is far from guaranteed ●     Full of sailing

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10th May, 2018

Country guide: Italy

Pros Cons ●     Full of history, culture and wonderful food ●     Very crowded in summer ●     Some of the most beautiful coastline in the world ●     Surprise winds can lead to difficult conditions ●     A variety of

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Spain Country Guide
03rd May, 2018

Country guide: Spain

Pros Cons ●     Great weather, year-round ●     Often very touristy ●     Some of the world's best nightlife ●     Impossible to island-hop ●     Home comforts are easily available   ●     Certain islands

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