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The joys of boating
23rd July, 2018

To unpathed waters and undreamed shores

What people love about boating The first boats were carved out of hollowed tree trunks thousands of years ago. Their invention joined islands, tribes, opened trade circles and introduced us to fish as a food source. Think of all the times you’ve crossed a body of water

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Borrow a boat in five steps
19th July, 2018

Borrow a boat in five straightforward steps

The process of borrowing a boat Borrowing a boat is simple and for everyone: people with plenty of boating experience and for people with none whatsoever. Whether you were born into a sailing family or the only boat you’ve been aboard is a ferry to France, Borrow a Boat

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A guide to sailing in Portugal
16th July, 2018

A guide to sailing Portugal

Pros Cons Mild climate and conditions allow for sailing all year round Not yet a mainstream destination but likely to grow in popularity Good local cuisine and food events (at reasonable prices) Waves on the west coast

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Memorable boats from movies
14th June, 2018

The five most memorable boats from cinema

Be it a seasoned sailor or a nautical novice, everybody’s love of boating started with a great story. That story could be a tall tale told to you by a grandparent or the first time your dad let you take the helm of his boat. For converts to the world of sailing who

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Sailing terminology
07th June, 2018

Port versus Starboard: Boating terms for the complete novice

Boat terminology can be confusing if you’ve never sailed before. When your skipper asks you to grab a lifejacket from the locker at the aft of the starboard side, you might be left scratching your head. Boating jargon is thrown around a lot by experienced sailors and it

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Sailing the Caribbean Country Guide
31st May, 2018

Region guide: Boating in the Caribbean

Pros Cons ●    Hundreds of islands to explore ●     Impossible to visit everywhere in one trip ●     There are a range of cultures to embrace ●     The hurricane season makes certain months dangerous ●     UK, US and EU

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What you need to know about sailing in Malta
25th May, 2018

Summer sailing in Malta

Pros Cons •     Gorgeous Mediterranean climate •     Malta itself is very densely populated •     Small archipelago, so you can visit everywhere •     Building projects have taken away from the idyllic island life •   

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