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The largest of the Balearic Islands, known for its beautiful beaches, stunning mountain ranges, and vibrant capital city, Palma. Mallorca offers a wide range of activities and attractions for every type of traveler.

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Sailing Guide Mallorca

Spend your next sailing holiday exploring the stunning calas and long sandy beaches that surround the coastline of the Spanish island of Mallorca. Whether you are looking for some great parties, family-friendly fun or a chance to get away from it all, chartering a yacht in Mallorca is the best way to experience this beautiful island in the Balearics.

Things to do and see when sailing in Mallorca

When thinking about Mallorca, you might only think about the infamous parties in Palma, but there is much more to discover here. Hike in incredible nature, sail to hidden grottos and caves and soak in the sun on remote beaches.

Activities in Mallorca

  • Charter a yacht in Mallorca to explore the whole island at your own pace and to stop at the places you really want to see
  • Explore the Drach Caves, where you can discover an underground lake in the town of Porto Cristo in Mallorca’s east
  • Top locations for divers include Neptune’s Temple, Bridges and Cove de Marina
  • Visit Palma, the capital of Mallorca. There are multiple spots available for mooring and several attractions near the marina and along the Paseo Maritimo. Castell de Bellver, the Basílica de San Francisco and the La Seu Cathedral, partly designed by Antoni Gaudi, are just a few interesting historical sites to visit within a stone’s throw of the shore
  • The west coast of Mallorca is most known for its towering mountains, sleepy fishing villages, and picturesque orchards of orange and almond trees
  • The east coast of Mallorca offers an incredible array of small coves and bays that are perfect for a family holiday
  • The north coast of the island has remained relatively wild and rustic where the dramatic coastline offers some of the best views for hikers
  • On the southern coast of the island the Gothic cathedral of Palma dominates the skyline. Here you’ll also find incredible nightclubs and long stretches of white sandy beaches
  • You can’t come to Mallorca and not attend one of the infamous parties in Palma
  • Visit the Royal Palace of La Almudaina and feel like a prince or princess for the day
  • The Serra de Tramuntana mountains are truly astonishing for any hiking lover. It’s the perfect place if you want to take a break from sailing. Breathe in the fresh air and use your muscles.
  • Cabrera National Park Archipelago is a wonderful uninhabited island just off the coast of Mallorca. Sail to the hidden grotto and escape the tourist crowds for a few hours. This is the perfect destination on your sailing trip in Mallorca
  • The Old Town of Palma de Mallorca has many hidden gems to offer. Picturesque streets and beautiful trees line the small streets of the island’s capital
  • The Palma Aquarium is not just the perfect outing for families with kids, it shows the fascinating world underwater. More than 8,000 fishes and sea creatures can be admired here

Beaches in Mallorca

  • Caló des Moro is one of the most beautiful, but also most popular remote beaches in Mallorca. Admire the turquoise waters and natural beauty surrounding this beach
  • Es Trenc on the Southern coast of Mallorca is probably the most famous beach for nudists
  • Cala Mondragó will make you question whether you are in Mallorca or the Caribbean
  • Cala Platja & Sa Calobra is another remote beach that you have to stop at while sailing around the island
  • S’Aramador is a white sandy beach surrounded by trees. Due to its shallow waters, it is a popular destination for families. Children can play in the water without parents having to worry about them every step of the way
  • Cala Mondrago is like the candy you get as a child when you do something well. Hike through the stunning area of the national park before heading down to this amazing beach which is surrounded by rocky formations - it is truly a rewarding experience!

Restaurants in Mallorca

Casual dining in Mallorca:

  • Juicy Lucy - Diner & Bar is an American style restaurant where you can eat some juicy burgers while enjoying the harbour view
  • Pizzeria Los Dos Hermanos offers, you guessed it right, super tasty and cheap pizza. We would recommend you to get your pizza as a takeaway, go back to your boat and eat it while watching a beautiful sunset
  • OH Mallork is a fantastic Tapas bar where you can enjoy some authentic Spanish tapas. You have to try the highly praised squid!

Beach restaurants in Mallorca:

  • Palms restaurant by the beach is a lovely establishment located by Can Pastilla beach. It is also a great spot to get a brunch with avocado on toast and co
  • Cala Falcó is a restaurant right by the beach in a bay on the south western part of the island. It is a relatively small place offering delicious fish dishes
  • Head east to dine at Restaurant Cala Mandia. Come here for the amazing view and the delicious seafood dishes

Fine dining in Mallorca:

  • Fera Palma Restaurant is a fantastic place to dine like a royal for a night. The highly praised lobster is a must!
  • Vagabundos Palma will charm you with a homely interior and wooden furniture. Interesting combinations and experimental flavours will make for a mouthwatering dinner experience

Bars and Clubs in Mallorca

With a huge array of bars and clubs to choose from, you will have a fun night in Mallorca while on your sailing vacation.

  • BCM Mallorca is the biggest nightclub Mallorca has to offer and most famous for its lazer shows and huge summer events. More than 7,000 people can party here at the same time
  • If you feel like dancing to music straight out of Latin America, you should head to La Havana. Shake your booty to Latin American tunes and dance the night away until the early morning hours
  • Bar Abaco is a bar perfect for anyone who appreciates stunning interiors. Beautiful tiles contrast the large fruit baskets spread throughout the bar. Sip on a delicious cocktail while taking it all in. This is the perfect place to stop for a relaxing evening after spending all day on the water

Explore historical Mallorca

Mallorca is blessed with a rich history that you can still discover today. The first human settlements found on the island date back to 5000 years ago. After periods of being ruled by the Phoenicians and the Carthages, the Romans also ruled over the island for a period of time. To this day Roman ruins can be discovered on the island, bringing history to life. Ruled by both Christians and Muslims in the Middle Ages, you can still find many buildings from this era. Visit the Arab Baths of Palma de Mallorca which date back to the 11th century and are stunning remains of the Arab rule over the island. Many of the churches like the Catedral de Mallorca and the Santuari De Sant Salvador are stunning buildings showing Mallorca’s Catholic history.

Discover mystical Mallorca

As mentioned previously, the first humans arrived in Mallorca in 3000 BC. Like many places that have been inhabited for thousands of years, Mallorca is also a place filled with myths and legends. One of them is the story of the Legend of the Virgin of Portals Vells. Genoese sailors almost drowned in a storm before they swore to the Virgin Mary that they would build her a place of worship if they made it out of the storm alive. Miraculously this is what happened and the sailors kept their word, building her an altar. The locals tried multiple times to bring the image of the virgin Mary to another place, but she mysteriously always found her way back to her original place of worship. On a final occasion, in 1866, she was placed in a church near Portals Nous which was just newly built. This time the locals succeeded and the virgin Mary stayed. Pay her a visit if you want to see the piece that makes the story of this legend.

Sailing conditions in Mallorca

Summer produces steady thermal wind. A gentle breeze that is present for most of the day makes Mallorca the perfect sailing destination. On a pleasant summer day, the wind speed is low, with a high of around 10 knots. However, this can change drastically in winter when wind speeds can be significantly higher. If you’re a novice sailor, it’s a great idea to rent a yacht in Mallorca, as the largely temperate conditions are perfect for practicing.

Sailing in winter is still possible although winds are a little less predictable. Staying in the bay areas will provide protection from strong gusts. The secluded bays also ensure that swells are minimal in this area. In general, swells tend to be low, around 0.5m, but storms or other shifts in the weather can see them change quickly, sometimes with little notice in advance.

The best time to sail in Mallorca is between April and October. Fly to Palma de Mallorca Airport to start your sailing adventure.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Mallorca?

Renting a boat in Mallorca doesn’t have to break the bank, but the costs can vary depending on the time of the year, the amount of people sailing, the size and age of the boat, etc. On average it costs just 54 EUR per person per day to rent a RIB in Spain. Rent a sailboat at an average price of 68 EUR per person per day and a speedboat for 85 EUR per person per day. Renting a catamaran or motorboat in Spain comes at a higher price. To rent a catamaran will cost you 111 EUR on average per person per day. To rent a motorboat will come at an average price of 179 EUR per person per day.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Mallorca?

It all depends on the type of boat holiday you want to experience while sailing in Mallorca. Do you want to rent a yacht with your friends to party for a week or discover the natural beauty of the island and go at a slower pace? Or would you like to try sailing, because you just got your boat licence? Whatever the purpose of your sailing holiday, the boat should match your needs.

Rent a catamaran in Mallorca

Pros of renting a catamaran in Mallorca

Catamarans are known for their shallow drafts, making them perfect for sailing in shallow waters. Charter a catamaran in Mallorca if you want to discover remote beaches like Cala Platja & Sa Calobra or Caló des Moro which can be best reached by boat. With a catamaran you are able to anchor closer to the shore and enjoy the hidden natural gems of Mallorca up close.

Another advantage of renting a catamaran in Mallorca is the fact that it’s standing on two hulls, creating extra stability and comfort while sailing. This also allows catamarans to have more space - on deck and when it comes to the cabins. It will almost feel like a hotel room on water. As there are many bays where you can keep safe from the wind, you won’t even feel the boat shaking too much.

One of our favourites is the Catamaran Lagoon 42 which is available to rent in Palma. Offering space for a maximum of 12 guests in modern cabins, you even get wifi on board the boat.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Mallorca

One of the downsides of renting a catamaran can be the size. As the marinas become quite busy during high season, it will become more difficult to find a spot for mooring - especially with larger catamarans. This can also mean a higher price for mooring at the marinas. Instead, we would recommend you to find a quiet spot in a hidden bay to anchor for the night.

Rent a catamaran in Mallorca

Rent a sailboat in Mallorca

Pros of renting a sailboat in Mallorca

One of the advantages of renting a sailboat in Mallorca is the fact that the engine is the wind. No extra fuel needed when heading out into the Mediterranean sea. As the winds are not as strong as in other spots of the Mediterranean, Mallorca is the perfect location for beginners.

In ideal wind conditions you can even sail to one of the other Balearic islands Menorca or Ibiza. This will make for a fantastic trip to test out your sailing skills.

One of our favourite sailboats in Mallorca is Sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 411 which is even equipped with solar panels. It is available to rent at the La Lonja Marina in Palma. Up to 10 people can sleep on the boat, making it the perfect water vessel for a sailing adventure with friends. The rustic interior design is screaming ‘vacation’ and you will relax immediately.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Mallorca

One of the downsides of renting a sailboat in Mallorca is also one its advantages. As the winds in and around Mallorca are not as strong as in other parts of the Mediterranean, it might happen that the wind stops blowing, leaving you stuck in the middle of your sailing trip. If you just have a week to sail around the island, it can leave you extremely frustrated, because you might not get to see everything you planned on seeing.

Another disadvantage of sailboats can be the lack of space. As the deck needs to be equipped with all kinds of things to ensure a safe and smooth sailing adventure, it doesn’t leave much room on deck to relax. This also goes for the cabin size. You definitely don’t rent a sailboat for its comfort.

If you go to Mallorca to explore the natural wonders, amazing bays and remote beaches, a sailboat might not be your best choice either. Due to its keel, it can be difficult and even dangerous to sail in shallow waters.

Rent a sailboat in Mallorca

Rent a motorboat in Mallorca

Pros of renting a motorboat in Mallorca

One of the advantages of renting a motorboat in Mallorca i s the speed. Motorboats are often faster than other types of water vehicles, making them the perfect choice to explore the island. Even though you might just have a week to explore, a motorboat makes it possible to explore many different spots in just a day.

Similarly to catamarans, motorboats don’t have a keel, making them a great choice for sailing in shallow waters and exploring the hidden bays and beaches of Mallorca.

Unlike sailboats, motorboats offer a lot more space on deck. You get to use the space to sunbathe or just relax with a good book on deck. One of our favourite motorboats to rent in Mallorca is the Motorboat Sea Ray 400 Sundancer which is available for bookings in Puerto de Andratx on the west coast of the island. A beautiful well-maintained interior offers enough space for up to 11 people, making it the perfect water vessel for a sailing vacation with a group of friends.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Mallorca

One of the downsides of renting a motorboat in Mallorca is the fact that motorboats need fuel - a lot if you want to explore the island super fast. With the ever increasing fuel prices, you might end up with an additional juicy bill on your vacation.

Rent a motorboat in Mallorca

Charter a luxury yacht in Mallorca

Charter a luxury yacht in Mallorca if you want to experience the sailing holiday of your dreams. Mallorca is, of course, known to be a party island - especially among the Germans and the English. This means that it is also the perfect destination to splurge if you can afford it. Rent a luxury yacht in Mallorca to enjoy a sailing holiday without lacking the amenities you would find in a hotel - and much more. Motorboat Mangusta 108 is a luxury yacht that will make your dream come true. Its clean and modern interior is perfect for those who love luxury. The spacious deck leaves enough space to dine under stars or under the roof of the deck - the choice is yours. During the day you can sunbathe or take a refreshing dip in the turquoise waters.

Charter a luxury yacht in Mallorca

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Mallorca?

Anyone operating a boat in Spain that is longer than 5 metres needs to possess a valid boat licence, the same goes for anyone who wants to operate a sailboat that is more than 6 metres long and any boat that drives at more than 15hp. If a boat is smaller than that and less powerful, you can drive a boat without a boat licence during the day as long as there is light.

The so-called Licencia de Navegación allows you to operate boats that are not longer than 6 metres, but you can only go up to two miles away from the coast.

No licence doesn’t mean you cannot rent a boat in Mallorca and renting a boat with a skipper is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to relax on their sailing trip. Renting a boat with a skipper has the advantage that you don’t need to worry about anything while sailing.

Sailing routes in Mallorca

Explore the many towns, villages and idyllic beach hideaways at your own pace. You can easily navigate the whole island on a weeklong sailing holiday

You can choose to travel west stopping first in the chic Port Andratx as you make your way up the western and northern coast of Mallorca. Head east to make your first stop in San Rapita, home to Mallorca’s famous nude beach, Es Trenc.

Some other fantastic spots to anchor in Mallorca include Alcudia, Soller, Porto Christo, Cala d’Or, Cala Agulla and Cala Ratjada.

Sailing Locations in Mallorca

Charter a boat in Mallorca

Rent a boat in Palma de Mallorca

Charter a yacht in Andratx